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  1. Cassava (Tapioca Chip)


Bringing fresh cassava root, cut into small pieces then sun on the cement courtyard 2-3 days to dry.

Clean tapioca chip  

Flour (Polarimetric)

70-75 percent


2 percent


11 percent

Raw Fiber

2 percent

Sand Silica

1 percent

Dust 0 percent
No foreign matter -

Utilization of cassava
- Animal feed industry
Cassava is a food that adds energy to help animals grow very well. It is widely produced to be an animal feed instead of other alternative energy grain such as maize, wheat, as compared to the price that lower than others.

The advantage of using cassava as animal feed
1. Cassava contains flours which monogastric animals and poultry are easier to digest than corn seed and sorghum grain. Furthermore, it is a good source of starch and sugar to accelerate the growth of microorganisms in the rumen of cattle – buffalo.
2. It has the contamination of mycotoxins, especially Alfatoxins less than corn kernels.
3. Cassava is more delectable when mixed with feed of cattle – buffalo.
4. Cassava group usually found bacteria Lactobacillus and yeast that are beneficial to the animals and boost their healthy.
5. Cassava or Tapioca Chip can replace similar energy raw materials grain seed such as corn grain, sorghum grains, grist, or starch in all animal dietetics fully.
6. Cassava is non - GMOs  (Genetically Modified Organisms) raw material.  Therefore, exported cassava in animal feed productions is not barriers against trade in GMOs.
7. Cassava leaves, petiole and apex when sun-dry can be used as a raw material source of protein and a good source of pigments.


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